A Very Satisfied Customer

Here is a great comment from one of our customers that we wanted to share with you.

I have been making sourdough bread from scratch for more than 5 years.  I grind all of my own flour at home.

Your book on Classic Sourdoughs is an astonishing achievement, since it gives thoughtfulness and science to this ancient art.  Your book will become the Bible of breadmaking as our society makes its way back to its true breadmaking roots.  Thanks for writing your book!

Furthermore, your starters are absolutely amazing!!  My breadmaking went to a whole new level from using just one of your starters (Austrian).  I had been using my own starters for many years, but after I used just one of yours, I threw my old ones out–they are not even close to the ones that you have made available–

So from one very satisfied customer, thank you very much!!


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