Pizza Crust

NOTE: 2.5 – 10 lb cultures are for pizzerias and Restaurants

Who knew something so innovative could be centuries old?

sourdough pizza crust

We’re passionate about changing the way the world thinks about pizza.

Ed Wood is dedicated to the resurgence of authentic sourdoughs. The commercial yeast used in commercial pizzas is completely bland and tasteless in comparison. Absolutely nothing tastes or smells anything like it. When you bake it with wild yeast and lactobacilli, it tastes and smells like sourdough should. That’s the way real pizza should be.

As a kid I didn’t believe something from the air could make such great smelling bread. Forty years later as a pathologist working in a Saudi Arabian hospital, I knew I was very near the birthplace of that great bread.

My wife and I searched the Middle East and Europe looking for sourdough cultures in ethnic bakeries that had never used commercial yeast. When we returned to the United States with a refrigerator full of ethnic sourdough cultures, we developed a method to dry them without harming their viability. Now I’m sharing these ancient secrets with you and your customers.


Looking for something different?


Authentic Sourdough Pizza Doughs

When you need an authentic sourdough culture to ferment 50 pounds or more of pizza dough overnight and repeat that night after night and year after year, contact Ed Wood at Sourdoughs International ( ). He will send you ten pounds from one of his cultures that never use commercial yeast and will continue producing the fabulous flavor and crumb of sourdough by adding just additional flour and water. Currently he is offering two from the Naples area, the Original San Francisco, one from Poland (rye), and one from Egypt, the Giza.

Activating Instructions:

Full activation requires 3-5 days at room temperature. You will do this once only and nothing is required except the addition of flour and water. On Day 1 all of the culture is mixed briefly with approximately 1 gallon of water. The consistency will be very rough. On each of the following days additional flour (Ed uses unbleached, all-purpose) and water are added depending on the consistency which should be quite moist. On Days 4-5 evidence of activity will be apparent with multiple small bubbles appearing on the surface indicating that activation is complete and the culture ready for use.


All of the activated culture is mixed well with 40-60 pounds or more of flour. Mixing is facilitated by dividing the culture into multiple small quantities. Additional flour or water is added, as needed, to produce the final desired dough consistency. The dough is then proofed overnight, (10–12 hours at 60-70oF) and is ready to make pizza crusts.

Culture Maintenance:

The baker should always plan to produce sufficient dough for approximately 10 pounds more than needed for crust production. The excess of fully activated pizza dough is ready to start the 12 hour fermentation of the next batch. It can be used either immediately or after a delay of 4-5 days. If the delay is longer, the culture will become partially dormant and may require reactivation for one to several days of warming and feeding at room temperature with flour and water sufficient to maintain the consistency.

Cost and Shipping:

NOTE: 2.5 – 10 lb cultures are for pizzerias and Restaurants

logoThe cost for 10 pounds of culture is $990 plus shipping. Each order is packaged in 4 plastic containers. Domestic shipping by UPS is $18.00 for standard ground delivery.

2.5 lbs. $250.00
5 lbs. $500.00
10 lbs. $990.00

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