Sourdough Starter Myth

Selling sourdough means that you get to hear some pretty amazing stories.  One of my favorite ones came earlier this summer.  A younger man called saying that he was on vacation and had his sourdough starter with him.  Instantly I saw in my mind a quart jar strapped in with a seat belt in the front seat of the car.  He stated that he loved the starter and was so worried about losing it that he is traveling with it.  We get this a lot…not the sourdough starters going on vacation but that people are worried about losing their starters if they go somewhere for any length of time.  Great news!  If you are not using your starter you can put it in the refrigerator and keep it there.  When you need it just get it out and fill the culture jar with warm water while stirring vigorously.  Leave slightly more than 1 cup in the jar and discard the excess.  This works wonderfully and gives you freedom with you sourdough starters.  But, if you do take your starter on vacation with you…we would love pictures!!!

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