How Long Did You Have That Culture?

A story from a customer.  We think you will like this.
This is just a little story I thought you might find interesting.  I found it absolutely amazing, but it might not be quite as surprising to you guys.
Back in the mid-90′s, being fascinated with sourdough cultures, I acquired quite a few (actually a lot) of your various sourdough starters while living in upstate New York.  In late 1998, I ac…cepted a new job in Atlanta, GA and was only able to bring with me a few jars of live sourdough starter, so I dried all the rest and put them in zip-lock bags.  When I got to Atlanta, I put the dried starters in the spare refrigerator in my basement and there they have remained for the last 15 years.  This weekend while perusing your latest book, I saw some comments about the Giza starter and how it was a real “sleeper” and decided to try some recipes with it.  Unfortunately, I had never re-activated the Giza starter and it was still in a dried version in the frig.  Not really expecting it to re-activate, I nevertheless soaked it in some water and then started feeding it on Saturday.
Can you believe that by Monday night, it was bubbling and expanding and smelling great!  I knew the dried starters could last for a few years, but 15 years is truly amazing!  I haven’t baked with it yet, but I plan on feeding it all week and then attempting some bread this weekend.  This all makes me wonder just how long the dried starters can really last???
Anyway, just thought you might want to know how durable your little guys are and wanted to thank you for years of baking fun and enjoyment that I have had with your starters.
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