Cheat Sheet for Sourdough Cultures

Italian Sourdough

They are among the best we have ever used, consistently producing fabulous breads and PIZZAS that are flavorful and can be QUITE SOUR.

Giza Sourdough Starter

Dough made from this culture RISES VERY WELL and is MODERATELY SOUR.

South African Sourdough

This is the only sourdough culture we are aware of that LEAVENS WHOLE WHEAT BETTER THAN IT DOES WHITE FLOUR, and it is therefore ideal for those who grind their own flour.  The flavor is truly unique, and when combined with 100 percent whole wheat flour, it yields breads with UNSURPASSED TEXTURE, SOURNESS AND FLAVOR.  We have also grown it using all white flour.  The nutty flavor persists and white sourdough breads made with this culture are quite different from those prepared with our other sourdough cultures.  Its ability to leaven whole wheat doughs offers the home baker almost unlimited opportunities to experiment with different combinations of WHOLE WHEAT, SPELT, KAMUT AND WHITE FLOURS.

Finland Sourdough Starter

It has a wonderful and DISTINCTIVE flavor and it RISES WELL.

Russia Sourdough

It is a FAST-LEAVENING culture, handles heavy Russian WHOLE WHEAT doughs, and works very well in automatic home bread machines.

Bahrain Sourdough

It rises well and is one of the MOST SOUR we’ve encountered.

Red Sea Sourdough

This culture has a MILD FLAVOR and works well in home bread machines.

Saudi Arabia Sourdough

It rises moderately well and has one of the most DISTINCTIVE FLAVORS of all the cultures.

Polish Sourdough

This is one of the better RYE cultures.  Also great for PUMPERNICKEL bread.

New Zealand Rye Sourdough

It is RYE SOUR.  Easy to produce rye bread with.

New Zealand Sourdough General

One of the easiest and best choices for the NOVICE SOURDOUGH BAKER.  It works for everything from WHOLE WHEAT, POTATO, SWEET BREADS, ETC.

Austria Sourdough

This culture is especially adapted to RYE flours, rises somewhat slowly and produces one of the MORE SOUR doughs.

France Sourdough Starter

This starter RISES VERY well and the dough has one of the MILDEST SOURDOUGH flavors.

Yukon Sourdough Starter

This starter has a MODERATELY SOUR flavor.  Great for sourdough FLAPJACKS AND PANCAKES.

Tazmanian Sourdough Starter

This culture produces breads with a DISTINCTIVE FLAVOR AND TEXTURE.  It has the added benefit of being ideal for SPELT AND KAMUT flours.

Original San Francisco Sourdough

Once you get acquainted with it, it will do ANYTHING YOU ASK OF IT.



Italian, Giza, South African, Finland, Russia, Bahrain, Red Sea, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand General, Austria, France, Yukon, Tazmanian, Original San Francisco

Whole Wheat

South African, Russia, New Zealand General


Polish, New Zealand Rye, Austria

Spelt (different texture than white flour)

South African, Tazmanian

Kamut (in between white flour and whole wheat)

South African, Tazmanian

Pumpernickel (rye)


Potato, Sweet Breads, etc

New Zealand General



Red Sea, France (mildest)


Giza, Yukon

Very Sour

Italian, South African, Bahrain (most sour), Austria,

Distinctive Flavor

Finland, Saudi Arabia, Tazmaian

This is great to print off and put in your cookbook.

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