Another Proofing Box Idea

We love input from our fellow bread bakers.  Here are some instructions to build a wooden box that is collapsible.  I tried to post pictures but they are not coming out.  Hopefully, the directions are good enough.  Just another option for a proofing box.
Proofing box • Top and bottom 14 x 27 • Top and bottom centers 13 x 26 … • Short sides 11.5 h x 13 w • Long sides 11.5 h x 27 w • 3 sets of 2.5 inch butt hinges o Outside at left for door (2) o Inside rear for sides (2 at each side) • 3 inch lockable hasp (Outside, right front) • Slide type rheostat with sealed back (so needs no box) • Cord from a discarded appliance with plug intact • 75 watt incandescent bulb • Williams-Sonoma Digital Thermometer SKU#6700488
Top and bottom are not attached; when sides are assembled they stand on top of the bottom using the center as a set of stops for the sides.  Top simply drops into the box made by the sides using its center as a guide.
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