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This is great to print off and put in your cookbook.

This is great to print off and put in your cookbook.

sourdough pizza crust

NEW! A New Fabulous Pizza Crust

Revised Classic Sourdoughs - A Home Baker's Handbook

Revised Classic Sourdoughs – by Ed Wood and Jean Wood

Sourdoughs International is a family business dedicated to the resurgence of authentic sourdoughs. Authentic? Commercial yeast produces something that looks like sourdough but is completely bland and tasteless. Absolutely nothing tastes or smells anything like authentic sourdough. When you bake it with wild yeast and lactobacilli, it will taste and smell like sourdough should. There is no other way.

The Industrial Revolution created fast rising yeasts that almost eliminated sourdough and did eliminate the lactic acid bacteria. As a result breads baked with commercial yeast have never equaled the flavor, texture and aroma of man’s first leavened bread. And never will!

We arrived in the Middle East just before commercial yeast completely replaced the wild yeasts of sourdough. We searched for and found small ethnic bakeries scattered throughout the desert countries that passed their sourdough cultures from generation to generation for hundreds of years and never used commercial yeast. We brought those cultures home and formed Sourdoughs International. Between us and you, we will save authentic sourdough and maybe show commercial bakers how to bake real bread.

Sourdoughs International is perched near the top of a beautiful Idaho forest of ponderosa and lodge pole pine. When it snows two feet, we clear the snow to the nearest County road. Check out this photo. The guy on the tractor is Ed and he isn’t baking sourdough. There is something special and unique in surviving in this environment that seems completely appropriate to producing sourdough cultures. We wouldn’t have it any other way and we’ve been here for 22 years.

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